Distribution of sport Items
Migori F4W schools
Trained World Coaches in Migori
Walk Of peace
We are award winning Organisation
Annual Meeting On Elimu Savings Fund initiative
Rapogi in Migori county
Student demonstration on need for peace
Migori county
Training on toilet cleaning
Nakuru F4W schools
Demonstration on toilet cleaning at Ngala Special School
Nakuru F4W schools
Visit by Nijmegen FC team from netherlands
exchage program milimani primary school in Nakuru
Umoja Primary School Football Club
girls Team


Sports for Development


"Sport has the power to change the

world" it has the power to inspire. It has

the power to unite people in a way that

littleelse else does. Sports can-awaken

hope where there previously only was


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Football for Peace

Of course, sport cannot impose peace, but it can contribute to inspiring it! Sport has the power to reach many people across the globe and, in essence, is a language understood by everyone. Sport also fosters understanding between individuals, facilitates dialogue between divergent communities and can contribute to breeding tolerance between nations.Our hope is that, through sporting Olympic values of friendship and respect, we can all make a winning difference and inspire a peaceful society that preserves and nurtures human


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SAM 8520

Economic Empowerment

Sustainable development

is the pathway to the future we

want for all. It offers a framework

to generate economic growth,

achieve social justice,exercise


stewardship and strengthen


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